Public Relation Unit


Quattro Public Relations Unit (PRU) are responsible for meeting and assisting of our partners in Egypt, and our customers abroud. PRU will arrange the business meetings and hospitality servieces as well.


PRU servieces for our partners:


- PRU representatives will be there to receive you as you arrive at the airport, and they will ensure you are well taken care of up to your departure.


- Quattro PR Team will handle everything you need, from visa, hotel booking, security clearance, to transportation, local GSM mobile and portable Wi-Fi device.


PRU servieces for our customers:


- For inspection and training trips of the end user, PRU will handle all the aspects of the trip, from the beginning of bring copy from the inspector/trainee passport and send it to Quattro partner to issue embassy invitation letter ,arranging interviews in embassy, filling visa applications, and hotel reservations, to transportation and assisting at country of inspection/training.


- PR team will ensure that end user will stay connected to family, and work.


- PRU will give local GSM mobile and Portable Wi-Fii device for internet connection.

Contract Unit


Quattro Contracts Unit (CU) has a long experience in all type of contracts such as International Contracts, Local Contracts, Barter Deal Contracts and Military Factory Contracts.


Quattro’s CU provides a detailed report offering any appropriate amendments and improvements to the contract, as well as following-up of the banking matters.


- CU is ready to follow our Partner’s bank LGAP /LGP until the end user receive it.


- CU will solve any problem relating to the bank LGAP /LGP discrepancy.


- CU will follow the customer to sign the end user certificate for the export license purpose.


- CU is ready to follow the L/C until Quattro Partner receive it.


- CU is ready to solve any bank discrepancy problems relating to the shipping documents.


- CU is ready to follow the LGP until the end user release it to Quattro Partner at the end of the warranty period.


- CU will follow all the payments of Quattro Partner in the Financial Authority and also with Military factories financial departments.

Trainging  Unit


Quattro’s Training Unit (TU) provides creative learning and development solutions, tailored to meet our customer needs.

Quattro’s training solutions developed by experts to facilitate the learning process.


TU provides:


- Learning Simulators


- Training Videos


- Technical Documents Translations


- On-site training


- Workshops


- Local Training Courses


We believe that more training, will lead to more usage of our equipment, minimum faults, and maximum sales, this is our strategy.

Quality Control Unit


Quattro Quality control unit (QCU) provides quality control inspections for the products that will be delivered to the end user.


If one of our partners assigned a contract with one of military factories for local production, QCU will provide quality control inspections and product testing –whether it’s in SKD level or CKD level– to ensure that your local production will meet all quality and performance requirements.


We also ensure that all aspects of our projects - whether it’s an installation project, maintenance and repair project, or shipping project - meet all the quality standards.


Marketing & sales Unit


Quattro Marketing and Sales Unit (MSU) can handle all the marketing and sales aspects of the business, with creative approaches that will align marketing strategies with sales goals.




Quattro Marketing Team has the required skills and experiences in both strategic and tactical solutions.

Our team Starts with the big picture to ensure all of our efforts are colsely integrated.

Marketing team provides:

- strategic planning

- communication services

as well as interactive marketing services via :

- exhibitions

- seminars




Quattro Sales Team provides expert assistance with a wide range of sales mangment, based on their deep technical knowlege, and customized to customer’s needs.

Sales Team Provides:

- Awareness sessions

- Demos

- Direct Communication

Technical Support Unit


With forward thinking approach, and extensive experience, Quattro’s Technical Support Unit (TSU) can make all the difference in installing new systems, managing changes and resolving problems, we are committed to far more than just installing a new system, or fixing a problem. TSU is researching and inventing new ways to make the process easier.

TSU is available 24/7, with flexible support solutions, and full understanding of the customer needs and product requirements.




Quattro’s Installation Team has the required experience in any type of Installations.

Quattro’s Installation Team provides design and execution services required to ensure system implementation is completed right and on time with a full turnkey solution which includes site surveys, engineering services and documentation.


Maintenance and Repair:


Quattro’s Maintenance and Repair Team provides ongoing support for our systems once in operation. We provide routine inspection and maintenance services.

We provide reactive maintenance and repair services on site, and through our repair centre.


Logistics Unit


Quattro Logistic range of services contains organizing physical transportation,

maintain information management and developing integral logistic concepts.


Quattro Logistic Unit (LU) has the knowledge and experience to manage all kind of shipments, and all needs will be met, from costs and delivery schedules, to coordination of proper packaging of components, required documentation handling, and transportation.


Quattro’s LU provides:


- LU is ready to follow all the FCA shipments (Ready-made/SKD/CKD) until the end user freight forwarder receive it and deliver it to the end user.


- LU is ready to follow all the CIF/ CIP shipments (Ready-made/SKD/CKD) until end user prepare all the documents to release it from the port and follow it until the shipment delivered to the warehouse.






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